School Skype Visits


I can stay in my “author/illustrator uniform,” a.k.a – jammies! I have many (too many) pairs of super cute jammies and I love to invite the kids and teachers to wear theirs on the day of my Skype visit!


  • My presentation typically runs 45-60 minutes
  • I will start the visit with a tour of my studio
  • Reading of my latest book out at that time.
  • Behind the scenes presentation on the making of the book. The kids will learn about the process involved in creating a book from the first idea to the finished book. I will show sketches, character designs, cover sketches, final art etc. from that book I did a reading from.
  • I will talk about where I get my ideas from.
  • Show top secret new work or books I’m working on
  • I will do an activity with the kids inspired by the book I did a reading from. I will send printables to the teacher before my visit.
  • Q/A session – If there is time, I will do a drawing demo.

FEE: $350

Fill out form to schedule Skype visit. Payment is due once date and time is confirmed.