When it stops raining, when your chores are done, or when you get a puppy. But Happy Right Now shows how to be happy in the moment and embrace things as they are. If you’re feeling under the weather, cozy down in the bed for a nice snooze. If it’s raining, put on your goloshes and go stop in the puddles!

You can choose to be happy.

But sometimes, no matter how hard you try, you don’t feel happy.

And that’s ok too!

teaches you to slow down and breathe, help a friend, be thankful, and many other ways to help you through the times when your just feeling


With a bit of spunk and a lot of heart, award-winning author Julie Berry and New York Times bestselling illustrator Holly Hatam take you on a playful rom through the ups and downs and joys and pitfalls of life,

helping you embrace the bright side of any situation, rain or shine.

Happy Right Now

Coming October 29th!
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