The Acadia Files

Book One, Summer Science offers an engaging new way to apply the scientific method to real-world scenarios.

Book One, Summer Science presents five summer stories, each one followed by Acadia’s science notebook pages with her simple explanations and lively, whimsical drawings of natural phenomena. The Acadia Files is a fun introduction to the wonders of science, using real-world scenarios to make scientific inquiry relatable and understandable. Parents and educators can use The Acadia Files to let kids discover for themselves what it’s like to be curious about the world and to satisfy that curiosity with scientific thinking.  

“OMG I just got book one: summer science- AMAZING! Everyone NEEDS this in their classroom. Science covered in the book: scientific method, birds, genetics, Mendels pea, Punnett squares, geology, earths tilt, shadows, gravity, the moon, and tides. I will be asking my parents to purchase each book released and use it as a class book study throughout the year. I am so excited and preordered book #2. There are 4 total. I can’t wait to use this as a class read with my kiddos!! Ps. Each chapter goes through the scientific method!

“I am so pleased to see this thoughtful book series that features an inquisitive girl who puts good research techniques to work to answer kid questions. In real life, it would have been so easy for a parent to just give the answers, but author Katie Coppens, the consummate teacher, has Acadia’s parents encourage Acadia to figure things out for herself using the scientific method. Ms. Coppens clear writing models great attitude and behavior for parents as they encourage their children to be inquisitive learners and thinkers.

My husband, not normally a reader of tween books, read it cover to cover and pronounced it, “Excellent!” Both of us will share it with a grandchild, by reading it aloud to him; we will encourage the same processes and thinking that Acadia follows as she asks and answers questions.

Great title for a classroom, for a library, for parents and children together, and for girls who want to do some detective work in the world around themselves. I highly recommend this clever, well-written series for 2nd (with parent)-6th-grade children.”

Published by Tilbury House
June 12, 2018

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